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Blisses N' Kisses  is based in Arizona and offers a variety of bath products!
 Not only do Blisses N' Kisses  products smell fabulous...
they are filled with fantastic vitamins,
butters, fragrance oils & essential oils.  
Luxurious products for an Affordable price!
Shop our online store for the perfect bath bomb that fits your fancy! 
I'm a single mom who got tired of paying way too much money for bath products at a major chain store. I noticed the more the prices went up.. the quality went down. I have sensitive skin and I like to use a quality product. So I decided to start researching , experimenting, and learning how to put together quality bath products that are affordable as well as moisturizing.
Affordable, Moisturizing, and Smells Terrific!
Give Blisses N' Kisses a try and see for yourself.

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A list of ingredients used in my products:
Shea Butter
Avocado Oil
Jojoba Oil
Cocoa Butter
Almond Oil
Coconut Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Lavender Oil
Vitamin E
Plus many Essential & Fragrance Oils

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